Behind every great wine is an even greater story...

The Legend states that in 1835, Governor Macquarie directed  explorers to find routes to open up the Hunter Valley. One wild and windy night, as the explorers attempted to cross a flooded creek, their strongest horse – Cockfighter – drowned bravely trying to get his rider across the raging waters.


When convict gangs were later sent to construct a bridge over what was now known as Cockfighter's Creek, they swore that on stormy nights you would see Cockfighter’s Ghost galloping free across the countryside.


The Legend was born.

To this day it is still reported that Cockfighter's Ghost still haunts the vineyards planted on the bank of the creek.




Wines of Legend

The Cockfighter's Ghost and Poole’s Rock wine labels have become synonymous with passionate winemaking which exemplifies the best of regions and varieties.


Today, under the ownership of the Agnew Wines Pty Ltd, Cockfighter's Ghost wines continue to be made from the best grapes, specifically selected from vineyards and regions throughout Australia, acknowledged as amongst the best for each variety. At the same time, they have introduced a renewed vigour in pursuing single vineyard perfection with the Poole’s Rock range of wine.

Cockfighter's Ghost

Through working closely with a number of select and trusted grape growers from some of the premier wine regions of Australia, as well as sourcing grape from our own prime vineyards in the Hunter Valley – including the haunted Cockfighter’s Ghost Vineyard– the Cockfighter’s Ghost range seeks to make "the Best of the Best" available for all wine lovers.

Cockfighter's Ghost Reserve

For those looking an even more refined and elevated wine experience, the Cockfighter's Ghost Reserve range takes quality and winemaking skill to a higher echelon.


The Cockfighter's Ghost Reserve range of wines is only made if the vintage is deemed of exemplary quality, as determined by our highly acclaimed Chief Winemaker – Jeff Byrne. Showcasing the very best of what the key regions and vintages in Australia can produce, these are wines of the highest calibre.

Poole’s Rock

The Poole’s Rock series of wines are quintessentially Hunter Valley and embrace the single vineyard philosophy of winemaking, sourcing Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz grapes from our own Cockfighter’s Ghost Vineyard and Post Office Block Vineyard in the Broke-Fordwich and Pokolbin sub-regions of the Hunter Valley, respectively.


Poole’s Rock – the Pursuit of Single Vineyard Perfection.